We build and invest in and with exceptional people.

We are a family owned business accelerator. We work with celebrities, public personalities & people of influence. Our mission is to help our clients to build their longtime wealth and create passive income while making a change and protecting their privacy.


We strive to be the partner of choice for public figures to build and scale their own digital consumer brands, finding the right deals & build longterm wealth trough passive income.
In doing so, we operate on 3 different levels:


In the role of a Co Founder, we work closely with our partners to develop new business models and help you to start new companies and build the right foundation to scale globally.

Investment Partner

We invest in your emerging start up organization if you are a exceptional founder and personality whose vision is to revolutionize your respective industry.

Deal Maker

When selecting deals for you as our client & partner, we aim to add a significant value by supporting with our worldwide team of analysts and executives, who are constantly searching for great deals on a daily basis to bring you the perfect fit.


“A sports injury ended my professional career and it became the foundation of my success today. If you’ve had to struggle your whole life just to survive, working hard and making the best of what life brings, it gets ingrained in you.’’

– Thaddaeus Koroma

Thaddaeus Koroma and Patrick Sesay– cousins, best friends, serial entrepreneurs and relentless visionaries –founded Limit Breakers to support athletes, celebrities and influencers build wealth…


We are a global organization with business partners and customers worldwide, that’s why you can find us in the following key locations.


We are not just a family. We are a team! A team of positive monsters! We break limits for our partners, clients & customers. Loyalty, teamwork, trust, passion & hard work are values, we live by. These values are not only ingrained in our family but also in our business. That’s the source of our success.

Being a Limit Breaker is a choice, its a lifestyle, an identity.
Be part of our business family and join us.

Patrick Sesay


Thaddaeus Koroma


Tyron Koroma

Client Relations Manager

Sheyenne Koroma

Client Relations Manager

Stefcko Koroma

Project Analyst


As members of Limit Breakers Advisory Board Ray, Eran and Jorg bring mentorship and strategic advice from their 50 years of combined Investment experience in 4k+ companies. They collectively manage over $1B of investment capital and offer our executive team valuable guidance to achieve our corporate goals.

Jörg Binnenbrücker

Board of Director

Eran Davidson

Advisory Board

Ray Lewis

Advisory Board


Nikol Gridchuk

Operations Manager


We are constantly looking for aspiring entrepreneurs and talented people with the right attitude and who have a great vision in life.

If you are interested in working with us, you can fill out the contact box now and we will get back to you.

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“A sports injury ended my professional career and it became the foundation of my success today. If you’ve had to struggle your whole life just to survive, working hard and making the best of what life brings you gets ingrained in you.’’

– Thaddaeus Koroma

Thaddaeus Koroma and Patrick Sesay– cousins, best friends, serial entrepreneurs and relentless visionaries –founded Limit Breakers to support athletes, celebrities and influencers build wealth. Their mission was simple: build businesses that elevate and leverage our clients fame and success to create passive and residual income to build long-term financial security. (Statistically, 90% of all professional athletes lose all of the money they make in the prime of their career ten years after they stop playing.)

Limit Breakers was born through their darkest hours. Thaddaeus and Patrick were both once on the path of being pro athletes.  Like millions of underprivileged black children born into poverty, they saw it as their only way out. At 17 years old, Thaddaeus had come to the United States to play basketball when a hip-shattering injury ended his career in his second year. Just six months after Thaddaeus’ devastating loss, Patrick, who was being groomed and guided to play football at the Pro-level,  blew out his knee and watched his career vanish as well.  

Both Thaddaeus and Patrick had redefined ‘hard work’ and were known to practice beyond the posts set for them.  They defied the odds, excelled and had their dreams in the palm of their hands.  Yet, overnight, the cousins found themselves in a seemingly hopeless situation.  What now?   In an endless sea of “what ifs” they wondered what they would have done differently had they known their career was coming to an end so soon?  The influence, the power… and then, an idea was born… what if they helped others to capitalize on their time in the spotlight to make money to better withstand the ups and downs of fame.

Thaddaeus and Patrick were inspired to change the game, and, best of all, they realized that they  were leaving sports not with fame, but with an international network of powerfully athletes like soccer players, basketball players, football players, boxers, A-List celebrities from the entertainment industry and some of the biggest social media influencers in the world.

The path forward was clear.  And today! Ten years later!  Limit Breakers has clients and offices located in Dubai, Miami, New York, Stockholm, Berlin, London, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Freetown.


“My mother always worked. She’s a very hardworking woman who brought herself and her family from one of the poorest countries on the west coast of Africa called Sierra Leone to the German capital. Hard work is her identity. It’s not something that comes hard to her. It’s just something she does and embodies. And that’s what our whole family is about. Cohesion and hard work. The family is built on these principles. Working hard is not an option for us. It’s our identity.”

– Patrick Sesay

Driven by the power of unity, Thaddaeus and Patrick have created a robust strategy rooted in the undeniable reach of network, creativity and ultimately, family.  An unstoppable desire for more seems to be a character trait of the whole family, because today Thaddaeus and Patrick are honored to say they are working with their dream team, their bright and ambitious nephews Stefan and Tyron, as well as, their brilliant and tenacious niece, Sheyenne.

Working hard every day side by side for our clients, the true spirit of family is present with us.  As our client, we care about you as one of our own.  Our family and our company pride ourselves on loyalty, togetherness, integrity, privacy and creating true family in business is the most important part of our mission.

Today, the family based company wants to use their company Limit Breakers to help people that are part of the public life build long-term wealth and create passive income that lasts long after their actual careers are over. For this purpose they have a top-class international team, which works closely with them for the success of their clients and business partners.


“Our clients are world famous athletes, musicians, fighters and influencers… we focus first on their current influence, their greatest talents and assets, and connect them with businesses, investors and other celebrities to create wins for all involved.   We have doubled the sales of existing companies who have partnered with us… we invest our own money…and we find the right partners.”

– Thaddaeus Koroma

We work with public figures from numerous backgrounds, their managers, agents, publicists and current business partners to build new sustainable income streams.

Several well-known former athletes and renowned investors are our partners in building companies and creating lucrative investment deals that yield substantial passive income.

Here’s what we do for our clients:

Business Management & Investments:  we connect you with our team of investors to create and build on your current assets and brand in order to scale growth.  Creating new income streams and value-adding to your existing ventures to invest for the future.

Digital Marketing & Brand Building: we work with your team to cultivate a cohesive message, elevate your sphere of influence and sculpt your media presence to attract investors and create market demand for products/ passive income streams designed for your unique talents and connections.

Networking: utilizing our relationships, we align you with other powerful, influential people within our network to increase your media following and awareness exponentially. We look at our clients and friends as a family and nurture them to work together wherever possible.  Our goal is to leverage other celebrities/influencers to earn media and help support our investments.

Jörg Binnenbrücker

Board of Director

The awarded “investor of the decade” by the German start-up magazine “Gründerszene” is a founding partner and managing partner of capnamic ventures.
The 200 Million fund invests in Tech- Start Ups that aim to revolutionize their industries.

Eran Davidson

Advisory Board

Eran has 20 years of venture capital experience, raised and managed 7 funds with a volume over 250 Million Euro.

He led over 100 investments in technology companies, which resulted in more than 1 Billion Euro in exit volume.

As founder of the Technology Growth Debt Fund he provides debt financing to mid-late stage tech companies in Europe.


Ray Lewis

Advisory Board

Ray Lewis is one of the most iconic NFL Football Stars of our lifetime.
He is an NFL Hall of Famer, strategic investor and business builder.